Useful Things

Features Free Version Premium Version
Create Task Yes Yes
Scripting Yes Yes
Time exact Yes Yes
Low Battery Yes Yes
Power plug Yes Yes
Airplane Mode ON/OFF Yes Yes
App install/update/remove Yes Yes
Capture photo, video Yes Yes
Time and Date Yes Yes
Screen status Yes Yes
Phone, Wifi, bluetooth, Mobile data status Yes Yes
Battery status Yes Yes
File and folder status Yes Yes
Phone call No Yes
SMS Arrival No Yes
Custom Intent No Yes
Play media: audio, video file Yes Yes
Waiting Yes Yes
Turn on/off signals: wifi, bluetooth Yes Yes
Open app Yes Yes
Capture photo Yes Yes
Change volumn, screen light Yes Yes
Notification Yes Yes
Vibrate Yes Yes
Flash Yes Yes
Send SMS No Yes
Send email No Yes
Make a phone call No Yes
Broadcast custom intent No Yes
Ads Yes No
Price Free 1.49$